Bamboo Forest - day is a stage featured in the game Samurai Shodown III. Unlike previous incarnations of this stage, now is Shizumaru Hisame who the player faces during Arcade mode (Jubei Yagyu was dropped in this game), or when a New Challenger chooses him during Versus mode. This is the third Bamboo Forest-based stage in the series.


battle takes place in the middle of a green, dense bamboo forest during daylight. There are two big bamboos in the front (one in each side); two small green plants are also showed. Occasionally, rays of sunlight penetrate the treetops at certain angles and hit the ground. There isn't more detail in this stage beyond the above mentioned.

During the "Limit Space" moment, all stage takes green/black tones, and the background is changed for a series of leaves (the bottom ones are darker, while the top ones have more brightness). Also, only during this moment some leaves begins to fall.

Musical themesEdit

This stage features an ambient song called "Fragrant Breeze" (風、薫る Kaze, Kaoru).