The Bamboos - early winter stage is featured in Samurai Shodown II. The player faces Jubei Yagyu in this place during Arcade mode, while in Versus mode when a new challenger chooses him. This is the second installment of the bamboo forest-based stages.


The battle takes place in the middle of a bamboo forest. Because the winter, the ground, treetops, and the roof of the Japanese hut are covered by snow. In the near front there are two interactive bamboos, which can be cut with Slash attacks. At the back there is the Japanese hut; on the right side of the entrance there are a wooden bucket and broom. Rightmost there is a homemade tomato crop. A little more up front, a well is located. At the left of the bamboo forest there is a plant with some tomatoes.

Musical themeEdit

The ambiental song for this stage is called "Silence" (静寂 Shijima). No arranged version this time.