The Bounding Fat, sometimes known as Fat Bound, is one of Earthquake's signature moves since the release of the original Samurai Shodown game

Input Edit

Description Edit

Just at the moment when Earthquake lands on the ground after a jump, instead fall on feet, he lands with his buttocks, and start to bounce repeatedly. Either on air or floor the opponent can be hit if touch Earthquake's lower back. The height and number of bounces depends what button was pushed; in Samurai Shodown I and II varies from Light Kick, Medium Kick, to Strong Kick (pressing LK and MK at the same time), Samurai Shodown VI from Light, Medium, to Strong Slash, and SVC Chaos from Light Kick to Strong Kick.

In the first Samurai Shodown game, the bounces are in the same vertical axis, while in Samurai Shodown II and VI each bounce makes Earthquake advances forward the opponent. In SVC Chaos the bounces direction is determined by Earthquake's jumps (can be forward, backward, or the same neutral position).

This attack is helpful against non-weapon, close-range attacks and opponent jumps. Its very effective when the opponent is at the corner of the stage; deal many hits and damage, even if he blocks the bounces, can inflict decent damage. This movement is weak against projectiles.