Dohsaki (堂崎 Dōzaki?) is a stage featured in Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge. The player can face any character during Arcade or Versus mode, but only appears in the east route of the storyline.


The stage intro shows the close-up of a statue's face, which begins to cry blood from the eyes. Afterwards, this stage is extremely similar to the second form of Temple of War, Zankuro Minazuki stage found in Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood. Main differences:

  • The stage was flipped horizontally (mirror effect).
  • Change in color palette: floor is grey, statues more coffee tone, sky and clouds are purple.
  • The great statue back in the central point of the stage now is crying blood.
  • The broken low fences at the left side have blood carvings.
  • Amakusa Castle is slightly visible in the distance, at the center of the stage.

After Amakusa intervention in the fight the Dohsaki stage changes to its second form. Now the cracks on the floor emits a red glow, the sky shows lightning in violet tones, and the statues have broken pieces like legs and arms from which the blood gushes.

During the climax of the match the background changes and a picture of clouds and thunderbolts can be seen; the sky shows lightings as well.


Dohsaki have has two ambience songs, the names are "Old Temple" (古寺 Koji?) and "Two Devas" (仁王 Niō?). This time there are no arranged versions.

Old Temple

Old Temple

version 1.

Two Devas

Two Devas

version 2, after Amakusa intervention.