Edo - Kyoshiro Kabuki (江戸・狂死郎歌舞伎 Edo - Kyoshiro Kabuki?) is a battle stage found in Samurai Shodown V. Kyoshiro Senryo is once again the titular during Arcade Mode, but in a VS match the CPU selects this stage randomly, no matter which characters the players are controlling. This stage shares the same name with that which is in Samurai Shodown II, but with different scenography.

Differences Edit

Main article: Kabuki Stage

This stage recycles only the first form of Kabuki Stage (background shown during round one) from Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood, and it remains present during the entire match. The butterflies on sakura trees were removed.

When a player activates Rage Explosion , the stage changes to its climax form, but with the animations of tarantula, serpent, moon, sun, and samurai warriors missed.

For this game, Edo uses Arie's default theme "Cherry Trees".