Ezo - Kamui Kotan (蝦夷・カムイコタン Ezo - kamui kotan?) is a battle stage found in Samurai Shodown V, which is part of the Kamui Kotan series of scenarios in the Samurai Shodown franchise. During Arcade Mode the player faces Nakoruru, Rimururu, or Rera on this stage, and it’s randomly chosen by the CPU during a VS match, no matter which characters are controlled by both players.

Differences Edit

Main article: Northern Country (SSIII)

Ezo was taken directly from Rimururu’s Northern Country in Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood. Background elements have remained intact, but there are no animations, and the background size was increased (the sky can be seen wider). Ezo is divided in 3 forms, where each one presents new colors to those seen in Samurai Shodown III.

Each form of Ezo its located in a different day time: dawn, midday, and sunset.

When a player activates Rage Explosion, the climax background is the same as Samurai Shodown III; only the sprite of a tree branch located in the upper right side was removed.