Feet of Flames (愚連脚 Guren Kyaku?, literally foolish leg) is a special attack executed by the characters Kazuki Kazama and Enja.

Input Edit


While standing on the ground BUST Kazuki/Enja quickly turns face-down, stands with his arms, and begins to upwards with a 3-kick move, where the last kick expels a little flame. This is a medium-speed movement. If the opponent is catched unguarded in the ground or air, he/she is going to receive 3 hits and will fall knocked-down. When oponent blocks successfully this attack, BUST Kazuki/Enja will be defenseless in the air until he returns to the ground.

Feet of Flames Turn: if Feet of Flames hits the adversary the player can add more hits. Just tap and quickly exchange Fwd and Bck on the arcade joystick/directional pad while press attack buttons at the same time. This will raise BUST Kazuki/Enja even more in the air.