Himalaya - top of the mountain is a hidden, special stage featured in the 1994 second installment of the Samurai Shodown series of weapon-based fighting games. Sometimes through Arcade mode Kuroko will challenge the player, leading him to this place. There are two more reincarnations of this stage in Samurai Shodown III and V Special.


This stage has the distinct appearance of a dojo. The floor is covered by green tatami (畳). A little further back there are 13 other Kurokos sitting on their knees watching the match. On the back wall there are many pictures depicting human anatomy. In the ceiling there is a sign decorated with gold dragons with the word "REDRUM" painted in red (D and second R are reversed).


Musical themesEdit

The soundtrack for this stage is a J-Rock piece with Shamisen and Sakuhachi accompaniments called "Rhythmic Rock" (お調子六句 O chōshi Roku-ku). Sometimes this song known as "Six Sentences".