Hokkaido (北海道 Hokkaidō, literally "Northern Sea Circuit") is a stage featured in the original Samurai Shodown videogame released in 1993 by SNK. During Arcade Mode Nakoruru is the titular character of this stage, or when a new challenger chooses her in Versus mode. This is the first stage of the Kamui Kotan series in the Samurai Shodown franchise.


This place, located at the northern tip of Japan, is surrounded by a snowy forest. At the center of the stage there is a cottage, in whose entrance there are two villagers watching the fight. In both sides of the cottage there are mounds of lumber. A piece of white cloth can be see at the left of the entrance. A big number of animals of different species are watching the match as well; they include (from left to right): wolves, a white chicken, a bear with his puppy, a white horse, rabbits, many monkeys, an owl just in the right of the entrance standing on a railing, squirrels, a cow with a bird standing on his back, two foxes, many deers, another bear with a monkey on his back, and a raccoon. Breathing of most of the animals is visible with fog because the cold weather.

Hokkaido (formely known as Ezo) is the 2nd largest island of Japan, and the largest and northernmost prefecture in today's Japan.

Musical themesEdit

The soundtrack for this stage is called Nature's Banquet (自然の宴 Shizen no Utage). This song can be listened in the home versions of Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 during Nakoruru's stage if the player set the music as "original" in the game options.