Yoshitora meditating.

Meditation (瞑想 Meisō) is an action the player can perform first introduced in Samurai Shodown V, followed by Samurai Shodown V Special. It is a command which works in conjunction with Rage Gauge, whose purpose is provide to the player faster access to Concentration One.

Concept Edit

A player only can do meditation when Rage Gauge has any amount of energy; no works if the gauge is at MAX, empty, or during Rage Explosion. To meditate, the character player must be standing (joystick/directional pad must not be move/pressed), and then press and hold Special button. Rage Gauge will begin to drain while the Special button is held. This makes a white marker above Life Gauge starts moving to the left (right in the player two side).

In Samurai Shodown V, the meditation marker is located nearly the end of Life Gauge (aprox. on the 3% of life), making longer the meditation process. For Samurai Shodown V Special the marker distance was increased to 20%.

Meditation comparison

Comparison between meditation markers (up: Samurai Shodown V, down: Samurai Shodown V Special.

Hot-tempered characters (those who fill Rage Gauge quickly with few attacks received) need to meditate more, because when they do receive a lower increase in the meditation marker. On the other hand, cold tempered characters who obtain small amounts of Rage Gauge when are hit can move the meditation marker faster. All this is to provide a balance between both types of characters.

Because the cost of Rage Gauge the player could sacrifice chances to get into Rage Mode and do super special moves, but the advantage is to activate Concentration One with more life what is required by default.