Mountainside Pool is a battle stage first found in the game Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood. This stage is divided into two forms: autumn and spring. Nakoruru is the titular character during Arcade mode, or when a New Challenger chooses her in Versus matches. If a player faces Nakoruru in SLASH mode, the form will be autumn, or spring if if Nakoruru is BUST. This stage was later featured in Samurai Shodown V.


The battle takes place on a depthless river. The wall in the back is made of rocks partial covered with bush, where can be seen who water flows down to the river in many sectors. Two tree arms are located in the top of the stage. Some leaves appears falling (even during Limit Space).

With autumn form, the bush takes red tones and the water a dark teal color. Two dragon-flies appears flying the surroundings. The spring form has green bush and blue water, and yellow butterflies flying.

When the Limit Space moment is reached:

  • During autumn: the background turns red with flashing circles, and the water looks blue.
  • During spring: the background turns green with flashing circles, and the water looks dark teal.

Musical themesEdit

The soundtrack for this stage is a song called "Nature's Breath" (自然の息吹 Shizen no Ibuki).