Northern Country - Winter is a battle stage found in Samurai Shodown III, which is part of the Kamui Kotan series of scenarios in the Samurai Shodown franchise. During Arcade Mode the player faces Rimururu, or when a New Challenger chooses her in Versus mode.


Since Zankuro is roaming the surroundings, the northern region of Hokkaido island has experienced a extreme temperature decline, disturbing nature.

This location is surrounded by a coniferous forest. In the right side there is a rock path which serves as dam and bridge to cross the river (now frozen). In the left side of the screen there is a hut where lives members of the Ainu tribe; in the front yard there are wolves, behind the hut there is a horse, and at the other side of the river there are many deers. In the distant there are mountains.

During the round 1 can be seen a snow storm during the night. In round 2 the storm stops and the day dawns. Some members of the Ainu people leave the hut to watch the match (now with Nakoruru as cameo) and all animals in the stage looks more lively (a couple of wolves are player between them, a couple of rabbits appears, the horse in the back breathes restlessly, and a deer in the right moves one leg).

When the match reaches Limit Space moment, all stage takes blue tones, the background is replaced by a blue vacuum with rotating snowflake animations. Little snowflakes begin to fall slowly.

Musical themesEdit

The song for this stage is called "Heart's Mirror" (心の鏡 Kokoro no Kagami).