The Onigami Isle is a battle stage that appears in the original Samurai Shodown game. During arcade mode this is Genan Shiranui's stage, as well when a new challenger chooses him. Samurai Shodown II features a remake of this background called Devil's Island, dinner.

Description Edit

The fight takes place inside a green cave that serves as Genan's lair. On the top there are many stalactites of which the water drips and form small puddles on the floor. There can appreciate four lighted bonfires (two on each side); when are hit by a Slash attack the bonfires are destroyed and the fire goes out, leaving smoke from the ashes. At the bottom in the center of the stage there is a kind of shrine full of human skulls, accompanied with candles. Other skulls and candles are located in various parts of the wall.

Musical themes Edit

This stage's song name is "Demon" (魔 ma).