Rage build

Nakoruru while charging rage.

The Rage Build, known in Japan as Ikari Tame (怒りの造る roughly translated as Anger Reservoir), is a basic command exclusively found in Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood.

Right after the round begins a player can press and hold Light Slash, Medium Slash, and Strong Slash buttons simultaneously; then the character takes a special stand and an energy begins to emanate from his feet, which makes hair and clothes move with the air.

During Rage Build the Rage Gauge gradually begins to fill without the need of being hit by the opponent; thus, the player can reach Rage Explosion faster. However, the active time of Rage Explosion is significantly lower if the player fills the gauge only with Rage Build.

Rage Build is inspired by the classic Art of Fighting’s spirit bar system, and the Extra Mode made famous by The King of Fighters series, both creations of SNK.