San Francisco, noon is the name of a stage found in the second game of the Samurai Shodown series, released for Neo Geo during 1994 by SNK. In Arcade mode the player faces Galford on this stage, or when a New Challenger chooses him in Versus Mode.


This is a remake of the original San Francisco stage found in the previous Samurai Shodown game. One more time, this stage represents a sea port and the battle unfolds on a dock. On both sides of the stage there are one barrel, and if the player makes an Slash attack the barrel will be cut. The content of both barrels is shown randomly, sometimes both barrel has either red apples or fish. In the left side of the screen it can be seen a wooden pole, from which a sailor has grabbed a freshly caught, rotating shark. Behind the wooden pole there is a shrimp boat with some public. In the right side of the screen there are more public watching the match and another wooden pole. Behind there is a big black ship with both a bowsprit and figurehead of a woman in gold. Far away there is a white ship.


Musical themeEdit

The soundtrack for this stage is, once again, a J-Rock oriented song accompained with traditional Japanese instruments called "Bluefin Tuna" (黒鮪 Kuromaguro). There is no Arranged version of this track.