Seian is a China-based battle stage featured in the first game of Samurai Shodown series. Wan-Fu is the titular who fights in this scenario during Arcade Mode, or when a new challenger chooses him in Versus Mode. In Samurai Shodown II it can be found a remake of this stage, now called China, Xian.

Description Edit

The setting of this stage is inside a Chinese palace of the Dynasties era open to the outside, where a strong storm strikes the town in the distance (between the buildings there is a tower). In the center of the battlefield there is a red carpet with the design of a Buddhist monk. In the middle distance there is a big jade vessel with a small gorilla statue at the top (a cameo of Woo from King of the Monsters), surrounded by two jade-made boxes, decorated with Chinese seals and candles on the top. On each side of the stage there are two big gold statues of Chinese demons of war, surrounded by small fences. At the top of the stage there is a ceiling made of red tables with a sign of Chinese ideograms.

Musical themes Edit

The song for this stage is Wan-Fu's namesake, "King Tiger" (王虎 Ōtora, from chinese Wáng Hǔ).