Susukigahara Field - November is a stage featured in the second installment of the Samurai Shodown series released by SNK in 1994 for Neo Geo MVS and AVS systems. Genjuro Kibagami is the character who fights in this stage during Arcade Mode, or when a new challenger chooses him in Versus mode. Susukigahara Field borrows slightly from Yamagata stage with the style of scenario, but are considered different.


The duel takes place aside of large rice paddies. The characters moves along a dirt path. In the front of the stage there are interactive rice plants; when a character performs a Slash attack these plants are cut off. A little to the right side of the stage can be seen a staircase made of stone which is lost among the rice fields. The wind blows strong, as can be seen by the movements of the rice plants. In the distance there are two small hills covered with rice plants as well. The sky is red, and there is a full moon.


  • On the moon it can be seen the Neo Geo logo.

Musical themesEdit

The background soundtrack for this stage is an ambient/Min'yō song called "Ogre" (鬼 Oni).