The Texas - Pacific Railway is a stage found in Samurai Shodown II. Earthquake is the titular character during Arcade play, or when a New Challenger chooses him in Versus mode.


Amid mountains, there is a train bridge which was collapsed, causing the fall of the train to the bottom of the canyon. There, many thieves (surely Earthquake comrades) are ransacking the train freight. The locomotive is expelling steam, while its lighthouse enlightens a thief who is smoking. Another thief (holding a weapon identical Earthquake's weapon) is standing on a box. A thief with green pants is sitting eating a meat, while other is also smoking recharged in a wagon. Far away there is a pair of cliffs, under a purple sky.

Musical themesEdit

Earthquake's song for this game is a J-Rock-oriented piece called "Malicious" (腹黒 Haraguro).