Tosa - Dai Sanjusan Banfudasho (土佐・第三十三番札所 Tosa - Dai Sanjusan Ban Fudasho?, literally Tosa - The thirty-third Buddhist temple) is a battle stage featured in Samurai Shodown V. During Arcade Mode the player faces either Jubei Yagyu or Shizumaru Hisame , and occasionally Sankoru Yorozu , while during a VS match the CPU selects this stage randomly, no matter which characters the players are controlling.

Differences Edit

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Practically this stage represents Kushiyama ordinary aspect from Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa’s Revenge: a forest surrounded by bamboos. The main differences are the absence of sunlight animations, Amakusa Castle replaced by a small pagoda, and the corresponding change of color scheme in the background.

Tosa is divided in two forms: morning (whites predominate in the sky), and sunset (sky turns orange tones).

During Rage Explosion, the climax background appears, and it’s the same to that used in Samurai Shodown III’s Bamboos, except that now presents an animation (leaves blinking slowly) and purple tones.