Village Street - Daytime is a battle stage found in Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood. The player faced Genjuro Kibagami during Arcade mode, or when a New Challenger chooses him in Versus mode. This stage was later recycled in Samurai Shodown V, and a remake was featured in Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge.


The battle takes place on a village, in the middle of a street, during a day where the wind blows strong, and lightning dark clouds are storm prelude of a storm. On the left side of the stage there is a building with red curtains moving in the air; it has a letter with the kanjis 瑠絵加 signed with よ. On the right side there is another building also with red curtains more shorter. A broken cargo carriage can be see aside of that building. In the second floor there is a small letter about to fall because the wind. More buildings can be seen far away, as well high amounts of dust in the street. When the match ends a ray strikes between both characters.

Briefly after the match begins there are three children in the street: two boys dressed in blue playing swordsmanship with sticks and a girl dressed with pink Kimono (着物). Moments later the girl and a boy (the left one) go to seek refuge, leaving the other child alone. When he is about to cry, an adult woman arrives to take him to a refuge.

During the "Limit Space" the stage takes a dark pink tone, with an animation giving the impression that energy flows from the ground to the sky. There is nothing in the stage but the ground.

Musical themesEdit

The soundtrack for this stage is called "Ogre Song" (鬼唄 Oni-uta), which is regarded as one all-time favorite among SNK fans.